PRESS RELEASE: February 28, 1997

The court did not hear the Government's Motion this morning, but will hear it at 9:00 a.m. on Monday. The issue is whether or not five settlement agreements and resolving numerous issues in the court case, entered into from June of 1996 to January of 1997, may be rescinded because of mistake.

This morning, the parties, with the approval of the judge, worked out the procedures and the nature of the evidence for Monday.

If the Government is successful, instead of the trial being completed this spring, the trial could drag on for another year.

Yesterday, Judge Haley said, "It is not often that the trial judge is faced with the situation where not only do the last year's efforts go down the drain because there has to be additional evidence from the same witnesses who were cut off, but that she runs the risk of losing counsel".

In today's settlement of procedures, losing counsel for the Government is avoided by letting the Crown's chief counsel submit a written statement of his understanding of the facts as evidence. The parties have demonstrated by the five settlement agreements, settling numerous issues in the trial, that matters can be settled between them on a reasonable basis. Now, instead of settling the issues remaining, the Government's tactic could be to extend to the trial by perhaps a year, with the associated costs instead of mitigating damages by having an overall settlement.

Pearson Airport's redevelopment has been delayed for 3.25 years. Will it be delayed for another year?

The hearing of the Motion commences at 9:00 a.m. Monday, March 3, 1997.


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